No Boundaries

About No Boundaries

The ‘No Boundaries Handprint’ symbolises compassion and inclusivity, bringing joy, harmony and a brighter future to people in Queensland. The creation of ‘No Boundaries’ provides a powerful piece of contemporary art that reflects on the harmonious spirit of oneness and cohesion that is shared between people of different cultures, beliefs, genders and age. This handprint activity promotes Humanistic Buddhism which encourages others to practice compassion and loving-kindness by highlighting the importance of accepting all.

Be kind to one another, we have no boundaries. We are all unique and different, but together we are one. We all fit together. Come and create our master art pieces together.


  1. Handprint
  2. Fingerprint
  3. Photo booth
  4. The wisdom garden
  5. Making other’s day cards by leaving your handprint or fingerprint