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Tea Meditation

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?  Come unwind and decompress with us meditatively with tea in the present moment of Chan.  Tea and Chan have one taste. This Daily Life Chan Practice Series integrates tea and Chan to offer participants a way to experience relaxation and peace amidst the rush of daily life – right here, right now! We will explore Chan via the way of tea while embracing harmony and feeling rejuvenated. The pursuit of spiritual purity and transformation is common in tea and Chan. Master Zong Ze of Jaku-an Temple in Kyoto, Japan had said “The common ground of Tea and Chan is the pursuit of the pureness and sublimation of self-spatiality.”

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About Tea Meditation DIY & Family Tea Meditation

Tea Meditation DIY

This 30-minute session will teach you how to make a cup of tea with mindfulness. You will start with a brief meditation to help relax and concentrate your mind. The Tea Master will show you how to make tea in a ceremonial manner, from preparation of the tea utensils to brewing and serving. Next it will be your turn to DIY a pot of Chinese tea and share with your friends. You will most definitely enjoy this experience and feel the moment of peace and tranquility in a Tea Meditation environment.

Cost: $10 / person / Session
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Family Tea Meditation

We also provide DIY sessions for children aged 7 years and over, accompanied by parent(s) or other adult carer(s). You will be surprised to observe this Family Tea Meditation is conducted by our Children Tea Master. You won’t miss to see how much fun your kids will have in this activity.

Cost: $10 / person / Session

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